Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's a few photos from Chicago and Lollapalooza, I only had a short(30mm) lens with me so there are very few close up band shots. Don't forget you can click on each image and it will display much larger.

We were walking past the Chicago Theater when some guy came up and say hey "you know that band Radiohead? There they go, right there" It wasn't Radiohead, but it was all their gear, being loaded in or out of the theater.

This is a very cool video fountain in Millenium Park.

The GO! Team

Devlin and Darko at Perry's, Perry Ferrell's DJ stage at Lollapalooza, all decked out with leather sofas and plenty of shade.

Buckingham Fountain...remember Married with Children?

Battles, one of my favorite bands of the weekend.

Look closely at the LCD screens, they're pointing at you.