Friday, April 11, 2008

Rumpke Mountain Boys at Tunes & Blooms

I went to the Cincinnati Zoo on Thursday to see my favorite local Cincinasty Trash Grass band, the Rumpke Mountain Boys. It was a great time, and my buddy Travis(Rumpke Bassist) played his face, as he often does.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Perk to check out the show, I hope you liked it. The Beautiful Woman was a big hit.

Here are some random photos from last month, an old building, I-71, and some nature.

Remember the big pile of snow we got? It was great! After your too cold to take any more pictures of the snow, you start on you polydactyl cat, Ray.

I noticed this building from I-71 and always wanted to find it and make some photographs. One day I got my camera and drove around Norwood until I found it. This was the second time I've been there, still waiting for some good light.

This scene of I-71 and the billboard was shot shortly after the photo above. When I arrived at the building site I noticed this billboard next to 71 with a giant photograph on it, so of course I had to photograph the giant photograph. I like how everything is red, black and blue, even their suits...and check out that crystal bowl!

These two Carolina Wrens started to build a nest in our porch shade. The male builds a bunch of nests and the female picks one. Our porch wasn't good enough, I guess.

I bought some French Tulips and made Colleen an arrangement similar to the cover of the Caribou album cover. The whole thing fell over twice on her way home from work, but they looked nice falling over against our light blue kitchen wall.

Teagan and Sara are coming to Bogarts, STS9 are gracing Moonlight Gardens, and Lollapalooza lineup is announced on April 7th.