Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mid Point Music Festival

Mates of State - Definitely a highlight of the weekend, this husband and wife team put on an awesome show at the Southgate House on Saturday night.

This was my fifth MPMF, and although we saw some great bands, I had more fun in years past. The street cars were cool, but I enjoyed it when the venues were all in and around Main St.

The first band we saw on Thursday night was Spectra, at the Blue Wisp. Spectra started with a sweet Stereolab cover.

Oh My God, with an iguana. Also on Thursday night, this Chicago band was very entertaining, often sounding very Flaming Lips-ish.

Then we were off too check out Ruckus Roboticus at Lodge Bar. Good scratch dj from Columbus, OH, mixing some Floyd and Justice "Dance".

Friday night was Kink Ador, at Budakahn. This is a really good band from Nashville, we saw them last year, and came back for more.

Coltrane Motion, seen them many times at Mid Point, very awesome. They were filling in for Go Motion, who had car trouble and couldn't make it, bummer.

So 3 day wristband holders got access to the "secret show" at Know Theatre on Saturday night. This was the secret band? Radio 4. Not really suprising since no one had heard of them. They were good though, and we ended the weekend with Ludlow Skyline.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prop plane, Dad, and Gothic Church in Cleveland

I accompanied my father to Cleveland last week. We arrived by very small 7 seat prop plane, very cool.
There was this amazing gothic church next to our hotel. Built in 1870. Check out the Justice cross!